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Wholesale Ice Chest Coolers Ice Boxes

Rotomolding Ice Chest Coolers Beverage Coolers Ice Boxes Chilly Bins Esky Coolers Sold By The Container Load

Outwest Sales has been fortunate to have had an office in S.E. Asia (Thailand) for so many years. We have established great working relationships with factories here. 40ft H.C. Containers Of Yeti Style Quality GRADE B Coolers Available and are ready to ship! 

We’ve been working on this program for a couple years, We have great factories we work with in Thailand and we have been shipping containers of goods out of Asia going back to the early 2000s, The cooler industry has skyrocketed over the past few years with the great marketing of Yeti, these coolers are of the same quality with the Roto-Molding Process But so much cheaper..

These Loads are Grade B with minimal flaws, we were at the Factory last Fri and met with he owner, she had one of her workers bring out many Grade B units for us to inspect and most I couldn’t find anything wrong, they had to point out to us what was wrong, these are super clean and a huge profit builder for your store.

After your shipping cost, duty etc., you could sell these units for $50 or more under Yeti and still at least double your money or more!

The Shipping will be around $5000-$6000 for example delivered to Minneapolis if your closer to the coast it can be cheaper, My Customs Broker is CH Robinson out of Minneapolis.

If you want to try a container, I will get you all of the costs delivered to your door. Most Coolers will come blank, if you want to put your own store name on them , you can do it very easiely. If you get a container with smaller to medium size coolers you can get up to 300 coolers in one 40ft H.C. container and more larger sizes the piece count will go down just like anything else

I can email you manifests and your cost per load, if you want to buy Grade A Coolers and custom pick all the sizes to fill your container, they would run about 20% higher. We can do that for you also and you can still at least double your money and be cheaper than for example Yeti Brand. See below some pictures from the factory so you can see the great quality of these Grade B Coolers

Coolers Inventory_0005-001.jpg RM.jpg
Coolers Inventory_0017.jpgRevised3.jpg
Cooler Inventory 2_0002.jpg Revised.jpg
Cooler Inventory 3_0004.jpgrm2.jpg
Coolers Inventory_0018.jpg Revised2.jpg
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