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We will be shipping these on a weekly basis!

My Businessman Friend from Arizona has been doing business with the CEO of this factory for 30 years and the factory has been in business since 1985.

One positive note, You can buy as little as only 6000 pieces at wholesale pricing, most factories require 1-5 million minimum purchase.

Great for the General Public to protect against Virus, Bacteria or related Oil pathogenic microorganisms.


Some important info:

  1. model no  24h-001

  2. single use 3 ply protective mask

  3. ATSM level 1

  4. FDA approval Pending


    6. These are Non-Medical


7.The sizes as follow:



40 boxes / master carton (2000pcs/ctn)

Carton dimension : 52 x 42 x 44cm

GW : 10 kg/ctn



 :Another Positive, we use Air Freight for shipping.


:If you want to try your 1st 6000 piece master carton order, give me your zip code and I will get you the shipping rate.


:Payment-Wire Transfer Up Front.


: Once payment is made, Lead Time is one week to ship.


:If you want to buy larger quantities, please inquire and I will get you the best cost possible.


:Your cost before shipping is $49 CENTS Per Piece X 6000 Pieces = $2940.00


:F.O.B  Port Of Yantian- 27 Kilos from Hong Kong

         Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China


:Some info below on how to choose a face mask:



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